Bottled Tea Recall

The following bottled tea recall was originally released by the FDA.

Recall of 16-oz Bottled Tea

The Sweet Leaf Tea Company announced today that it is voluntarily recalling Sweet Leaf® Tea in 16 ounce glass bottles out of an abundance of caution because of the possible presence of glass fragments. This was the result of glass breakage during the filling process. Consumers could potentially be cut or injured if ingested. The company has received 4 complaints of glass in the product. No injuries were reported.

The voluntary recall is limited to specific production codes of Sweet Leaf® Tea, as follows, which were distributed between February 27, 2015 and December 6, 2015. Only 16 ounce glass bottles are affected, and only those listed below:

bottled tea recall

Was My Bottled Tea Recalled?

In order to determine the manufacturing date and best by date of a bottle, consumers are advised to look for the manufacturing code on the shoulder of a bottle or on the shipping case, as seen below:

First Line
042415 – Production Date Code: mmddyy (e.g. April 24, 2015)
114 – Julian Date Code
WC40 – Factory Code
2 – Bottling Line Identification Code

Second Line
15:19 – Military Time
BB 08/31/16 – Best Before date mm/dd/yy (e.g. August 31, 2016)

The Sweet Leaf Tea Company is committed to ensuring the quality and safety of all of its products. All recalled products are being removed from store shelves. Consumers who have any of the glass products with the affected date codes should not drink the product, can contact the Sweet Leaf toll-free number 1-877-832-5323 Monday through Friday 8am – 8pm EST for replacement product, or return the product to the store of purchase for a refund.

This recall is being conducted with the knowledge of and in cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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