Healthy Snacks

veggies as kids snack

Healthy Choices: Fruits & Veggies

Want Your Kids to Reach for a Healthy Snack? Make Sure Fruits and Veggies are in Reach.

Make fruits and veggies look more appealing to your child by making Happy Snack Packs. Fill small snack bags with cut-up veggies. Decorate the outside of the bags with stickers. Store in the refrigerator on a shelf where they are easy for your child to see and grab. One mom told us, “I found that when I put fruits and veggies in a place where my kids can see them, they eat them. It takes a little planning, but it’s worth it. I know fruits and veggies help them stay healthy.”

Remember, kids only eat what they can find!

Make Healthy Snacks Easy and Fast for Your Kids to Grab.

Do your kids come home hungry? For a fast healthy snack, keep fruits and veggies in a place where your kids can see them. Try a bowl on the counter or a low shelf in the fridge. If you don’t have fresh produce, use canned or frozen. Fruit Salad makes a colorful, healthy snack.

Picky eaters might like to try dipping their veggies in this Kentucky Proud Bacon and Tomato Dip or Homemade Ranch Dip.

Find more healthy recipes at Kentucky Proud!

Get More Healthy Kids Snack Tips

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