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Spring 2016 Kentucky Forestry News

To promote stewardship and sustainable management of Kentucky’s non-industrial private forests, the Kentucky Forestry Extension Service and Kentucky Division of Forestry publish multiple forestry resources including the Kentucky Woodlands Magazine. The current issue approaches a variety of topics: GMOs, mussels, logging, best management practices, the Northern long-eared bat, and more.

Download the full edition of Kentucky Woodlands Magazine.

KY Forestry

2015 KY Forest Economic Report

Kentucky Forestry Extension released the Kentucky Forestry Economic Report for 2015 which estimates Kentucky’s growing role in the national forest industry. Some of these stats include:

  • $9.1 billion in direct economic contribution.
  • $14.6 billion (9% increase) in total economic contribution.
  • 28,408 jobs in the forest industry; estimated 57,750 jobs overall.
  • 713 facilities located in 109 (of 120) Kentucky counties; gain of 10 facilities.

Dr. Jeff Stringer, Kentucky Extension Professor, reported on Kentucky’s progress.

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KY Forest Leadership Program

The Kentucky Forest Leadership Program offers first-hand forestry experience to high school students. The program encourages the development of life-long learning skills, focusing on observation, action, and evaluation. This year’s participants will also have the opportunity to study entomology and wildlife. Students are also introduced to a variety of forestry-related careers such as civil engineering, entomology, soil science, wildlife habitat assessment, and water quality.

For more information on the Kentucky Forest Leadership Program, contact Extension Associate Laurie Thomas.

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KY Forestry Events

Ohio River Valley Woodlands & Wildlife Workshop
April 2, 10 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.
Cliffty Falls State Park
Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio forestry and wildlife specialists will be available to answer land management questions.

Kentucky Forest Industries Association Annual Meeting
April 5-7
The Brown Hotel in Downtown Louisville, KY
Discuss current forestry issues, and enjoy numerous forest-related activities. Over 400 regional company representatives will be in attendance.

Kentucky Woodland Owners Short Course
July 16
Henry County Extension
Individuals and families have the opportunity to learn more about enhancing the woodlands on their property.

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KY Forest Resources

The University of Kentucky Department of Forestry is responsible for Kentucky research, instruction, and extension programs in forest and wildland natural resources.
The Sustainable Forestry Initiative is a non-profit organization helping promote sustainable management of U.S. forests. Partnerships allow the Sustainable Forestry Initiative to award grants for forestry management improvement projects.

Through various programs and services, the Kentucky Division of Forestry informs the public of the environmental, social, and economic importance of forest resources. In addition to forestry education, the Kentucky Division of Forestry is responsible for wildland fire management.

The National Association of State Foresters encourage the protection and sustainable management of state and private forests. Kentucky is part of the Southern Group of State Foresters.

Since 1900, the Society of American Foresters has informed and provided networking opportunities for American forestry professionals.

Protecting nearly 200 national forests and grasslands, the U.S. Forest Service teaches sustainable practices for the health, diversity, and productivity of U.S. forests.

Written by Lauren State, Oldham County Extension Staff Assistant. Reviewed by Traci Missun, Oldham County Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent.

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