KY Aquaculture News

KY aqua farming

KY Aquatic Farming

The Spring/Summer 2016 KY Aqua Farming News is now available for download.

KY Aquaculture Articles

Learn more about the aqua farming industry in Kentucky. In the latest newsletter, you will enjoy the following aquaculture informational articles:

  • Improving Market Access for Small-Scale Seafood Producers by Richard Bryant, Research Associate, Kentucky State University; Dr. Siddhartha Dasgupta, Professor and Principal Investigator, Kentucky State University; Angela Caporelli, Aquaculture Marketing Specialist; Dr. Laura Tiu, Aquaculture Specialist
  • Does Adding Taurine to the Feed Benefit Largemouth Bass? by Leigh Anne Bright, Aquaculture Investigator
  • Investigating Aquaculture and Water Reuse by Ken Semmens, Ph.D., Kentucky State University Aquaculture Research Center, and James Poindexter, London Utility Commission
  • Irrigating Late Summer Corn with Channel Catfish Ictalurus punctatus Pond Water in Western Kentucky: A Demonstration Project by Forrest Wynne, State Extension Aquaculture Specialist; and John Murdock and Rick Murdock, Ponderosa Farms

For more information about Kentucky aquaculture, visit the KSU Aquaculture Research Center.

Aquaculture Workshop

The Third Thursday Thing is a monthly sustainable agriculture workshop targeting small farmers, beginning farmers, and agricultural professionals.


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