KEHA Convention

The following Family & Consumer Science article printed in the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

OC homemakers

From left to right: Oldham County Family & Consumer Science Agent Chris Duncan, Becky Smith, Paula Pascal, Carol McKinnon, Clarine Anderson, and Oldham County Extension Homemakers President Dottie Crouch.

2016 KEHA State Meeting News

In late April, Dottie Crouch, Clarine Anderson, Carol McKinnon, Paula Pascal, and Becky Smith represented Oldham County at the KEHA State Meeting in Covington. Oldham County Extension Homemakers were recognized for being one of the top three counties in the state with contributions to Pennies for Friendship, plus, participation in the Environmental Project, Water Step.

blue ribbon

Carol McKinnon holds up Angela Morris’ blue ribbon pieced jacket.

Oldham County had sixteen entries in the State Cultural Arts contest. Blue ribbons were earned by Pat Honaker in ribbon embroidery, Linda Jensen in knitting, Angela Morris in pieced clothing, Peggy Townsend in appliqued quilt, and Faye Korthaus in heritage scrapbooking. Lauren State won a class champion with her black and white pencil drawing.

champion drawing

Lauren State’s pencil drawing won a purple ribbon.

Read more about the 2016 KEHA State Meeting in the Oldham Era.

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