Oldham County Sunflowers

The following Horticulture article printed in the Fall 2017 edition of the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

oldham county sunflowers


This year a large field of sunflowers located next to a busy road attracted a lot of attention. Large plantings of sunflowers are not new to Oldham County but most are not as visible. Often considered one of the prettiest crops, sunflowers provide a colorful display, especially when the plants cover several acres. The show lasts roughly 21 to 25 days, so you will have a limited time to get that perfect picture. Note that the flowers face east towards the sunrise, making mornings a good time for taking photos.

In some areas, large sunflower crops are harvested like corn with a specially designed harvester. The seeds’ many uses include oil, food and snack products, animal feed, and of course bird seed. If you grow your own sunflowers, the seed can be harvested by hand. Remove the seed from the flower head by pushing the seed to the side. It should fall right out.

oldham county sunflowers

Written by Michael Boice, Oldham County Horticulture Assistant. Edited by Lauren State Fernandez, Oldham County Extension Staff Assistant.

6 thoughts on “Oldham County Sunflowers

  1. I am a photographer looking for a patch of sunflowers where I can make some photos. Any ideas of where I can look for them right now – July 2018?


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