Oldham County 4-H Competes in Summer Events

The following Oldham County 4-H articles printed in the Fall 2017 edition of the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

Oldham County 4-H’ers Compete

State 4-H Communications Event

The State Communications Event was held on July 9 on the University of Kentucky’s campus in Lexington. Oldham County was well represented by the following 4-H members:

Maggie Anderson’s Junior Foods Demonstration “How to Make Tater Tot Chicken Pie” won a blue ribbon.

Sarah Griffin won a red ribbon for her Senior Arts and Crafts Demonstration “How to Make String Art.”

Kendall Kennedy received a red ribbon for her Junior Arts and Crafts Demonstration titled “How to Make a Fleece Tie Quilt.”

In the 11-year-old division, Sam Ray’s speech “Schools Should Not Require Uniforms” earned a blue ribbon.

oldham county 4-h competition

4-H Fashion Revue Results

On Wednesday, August 2, Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church hosted the 2017 4-H Fashion Revue. This year’s participants included Maggie Anderson, Sarah Griffin, Chris Harris, Emily Harris, and Rachel Harris. Sarah Griffin received the Senior Fashion Magic Champion Award and the Senior Sewing Champion Award. Rachel Harris earned the Junior Fashion Magic Champion Award and the Junior Sewing Champion Award. Great job, Oldham County 4-H’ers!

oldham 4-H horse competition

Ballardsville High Riders Excel at Summer Events

Kentucky 4-H Horse Contest

The Kentucky 4-H Horse Contest was held in Lexington on June 15 and 16. Congratulations to the following members for their accomplishments:

Harper Ash, Peyton Ash, Sydney Cobb, Caroline Olds, and Ella Olds formed the Oldham County 4-H Junior Horse Bowl Team, placing 2nd in the Junior Horse Bowl.

The Junior Hippology Team — comprising Sydney Cobb, Caroline Olds, and Ella Olds — placed 2nd in the Junior Hippology Contest, 1st in the team written exam, 3rd in team stations, and 5th in team judging.

In Junior Original Art, Caroline Olds took 1st place, and Ella Olds placed 3rd.

oldham 4-H horse competition

Kentucky 4-H State Horse Show

From July 2 through 8, the State Fairgrounds in Louisville hosted the Kentucky 4-H State Horse Show. Congratulations to the following Oldham County 4-H’ers for their accomplishments at the state show:

Harper Ash placed 5th in Walk-Trot Cross Rails; 5th in Hunter Under Saddle, Walk-Trot; 6th in Hunter Equitation, Walk-Trot; 6th in Walk-Trot Dressage; and 10th in Showmanship, Age Division I.

Peyton Ash earned 2nd place in Hunter Equitation, Walk-Trot; 4th in Walk-Trot Cross Rails; 4th in Hunter Under Saddle, Walk-Trot; and 5th in Walk-Trot Dressage.

Maya Bourke took 3rd place in 18-inch Cross Rails; 4th in Hunter Equitation, Walk-Trot; and 8th in Hunter Under Saddle, Walk-Trot.

oldham 4-H horse competition

Hunter Fackler received 1st place in Open Invitation Miniature Halter; 1st in Miniature Pleasure Driving, Junior Division; and 2nd in Open Invitation Miniature Pleasure Driving.

Tori Winn won 2nd place in Dressage Training, Level 3; 2nd in Hunt Seat Equitation, Age Division III; 4th in Dressage Equitation, Senior; and 4th in Hunter Under Saddle, Age Division III.

Everyone who participated in the 2017 District and State Horse Shows deserves a big round of applause!

For more information regarding the 4-H horse program, contact the Oldham County Extension Office. To qualify for participation in horse related competitive events, 4-H members must complete equine educational requirements and be registered with the extension office by April 15, 2018.

State 4-H Dog Show

On August 12 and 13, the Kentucky State 4-H Dog Show was held at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. Congratulations to the seven Oldham County 4-H participants:

Will Barber and Sassy placed 2nd in Novice Showmanship.

oc 4-h dog competition

Rebekah Degnan and Jasper earned 2nd place in Obedience (Sub Novice B), Agility II, and Gambler’s Choice. Rebekah also received 2nd in 4-H Dog Judging (Senior Division).

Beth Huffman and Swanky took 1st in Open Showmanship (Age 17-18).

oc 4-h dog competition

Anna Laverty and Oscar received 3rd in Obedience (Graduate Beginner).

Carrie Olds and Houdie were 1st in Open Showmanship (Age 11-12).

Ella Olds and Tess won 2nd place in Masters Showmanship (Age 13-14). Ella also placed 1st in 4-H Dog Judging (Junior Division).

Audrey Roberts and Glory took 1st place in Novice Showmanship (Age 11-12).

Oldham County 4-H also received the 2017 Michele Reilly Dedication Award. Excellent work, 4-H’ers!

oc 4-h dog competition

Written by Amy Logsdon, Oldham County 4-H Assistant; and Lauren State Fernandez, Oldham County Extension Staff Assistant.

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