Fall Oldham County Events

The following calendar originally printed in the 2018 Fall edition of the Oldham County Extension Newsletter.

September Extension Events

3 Office Closed for Labor Day
5 Rinse & Return for Pesticide Containers, 9am-noon
5 4-H Woodworking Club
6 Extension District Board, 9am
10 Green Thumbs Garden Club
10 Delicious Delights
11 Cloverbuds
12 Painting Club, 10am
13 4-H Robotics
14 Oldham County Beekeepers, 7:30pm
15 Healthy Oldham County Walk, The Maples
17 Busy 4-H’ers of Oldham County
18 Hemp Field Day, KSU Farm
18 4-H Achievement Award Work Session
19 4-H Woodworking Club
24 Come Sew With Us, 3-8pm
25 Raising Hemp in KY, Shelby Co Ext, 6pm
25 4-H Poultry Club
27 Stroke Awareness, 10am
27 Beef Quality & Care Assurance, 6:30pm
28 Forages, Fencing, & On-Farm Water, 9am

October Extension Events

1 Service With a Smile registration due
1 Regional Beef Field Day, John Allison Farm, New Castle
3 4-H Woodworking Club
4 Garden & Landscape Secrets, Oldham County Arts Center, 6:30pm
5 Master Gardener Classes Begin
7-13 Homemaker Week
8 Greens Thumbs Garden Club
8 Delicious Delights
10 Service With a Smile, Shelby Co Ext, 9:30am
11 Extension Council, 9am
11 District Board, 10:30am
11 4-H Council Meeting
12 Oldham County Beekeepers, 7:30pm
15 Wreathmaking With Dried Plants, 10am
15 Busy 4-H’ers of Oldham County
16 Cloverbuds
17 Painting Club
17 4-H Woodworking Club
25 Brain Activities, 10am
25 Forages, Fencing, & On-Farm Water, 6:30pm
26 Garden Mistakes, 10am
29 Come Sew With Us, 3-8pm
30 Chicken Coops, Fencing, & Predator Control, 6:30pm

November Extension Events

1 District Board, 10am
1 Leaders of the Pack
7 Beef Finishing School Begins
7 4-H Woodworking Class
8 4-H Robotics
9 Homemaker Council, 10am
9 Oldham County Beekeepers, 7:30pm
12 Green Thumbs Garden Club
12 Soil Testing & Fertilizers, 6:30pm
13 Soil Testing & Fertilizers, 9am
13 Cloverbuds
19 Delicious Delights
20 4-H Award Banquet
22-23 Office Closed for Thanksgiving
27 Winter Greenery, 1pm
27 4-H Poultry Club
28 4-H Woodworking Club
29 Holiday Showcase, 10am
29 Busy 4-H’ers of Oldham County
30 Homemaker Enrollment due

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