5 Ways to get more movement at work

UK HR Health and Wellness | LiveWell blog

The research is showing us that the more active we are throughout the day, the lower our risk of chronic disease and mortality rates.  Yes, completing your regular workout is important, but getting up and moving around throughout the day is effective in lowering your risk for chronic conditions.  It also helps you achieve more steps!

  1. Set a reminder every hour.  If you have a wearable device, you might already get a buzz reminder to get up and move every hour.  A good old fashioned stopwatch, timer, or alarm can work, too.  Go the bathroom, get a drink, walk around the building.
  2. Use a Far-a-Way bathroom.  Find the restroom that is furthest away from your office and make that your go to for your break.  You might even try the building next door!
  3. Less email.  Instead of sending an email to your coworker 2 doors down, get up and walk…

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