How to Reduce Stress With Mindfulness

how to reduce stress

Reduce Stress Through Mindfulness

Fingers holding cell phones; constant updates via social media; 24/7 news alerts; and demands from work and home help create a world that is full of noise, chaos and all kinds of stressors that bombard us each day. Sometimes, we can get caught up in these stressors or events and allow them to take control over our lives and reduce our quality of life. Next time you are faced with a particularly stressful encounter or situation, try using mindfulness to reduce your stress and return your focus to what is important to you.

Mindfulness requires you to purposely pay attention to what is happening in the present moment. The most common method is to focus on breathing in and out, clearing your mind of thoughts. You can also focus on your physical self, your surroundings, or your movements as you do a normal daily activity such as walking. Mindfulness helps you re-center, reduces external distractions, and allows you to evaluate yourself and your reactions to the stressors around you.

how to reduce stress

Mindfulness-based stress reduction has been around since the 1970s, and numerous scientific studies have shown its effectiveness in stress reduction as well as other positive benefits including a decrease in anxiety and depression. Some studies have shown mindful eating can be a tool for weight management.

You can practice mindfulness anytime or anywhere as long as you turn your focus inward and allow distractions to fade away.

how to reduce stress

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Written by Kerri Ashurst, Senior Extension Specialist, and Janet Mullins, Extension Professor.

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