Oldham County 4-H Award Winners

The following 4-H Youth Development articles printed in the 2018 Winter edition of the Oldham County Extension Newsletter. “Oldham County 4-H Excels at State Level” also printed in the 2018 Oldham County Extension Report to the People.

oc 4-h award winners

Achievement Award Winners Recognized

The 4-H Achievement Program recognizes members beginning in the sixth grade. The application is a detailed resume of the member’s 4-H and community involvement. Members compete at the state level upon reaching Clover Level 3. Scholarships are available at each state level achieved. Congratulations to the following Oldham County 4-H members who have completed a Clover Achievement Level:

Clover Level 1
Kendall Kennedy

Clover Level 2
Claire Combs
Ryan Hawkins
Bailey Johnson
Riely Johnson
Sean Johnson

Clover Level 3
Maggie Jones
Adelle Minor
Andrew Myers
Caroline Olds
Izzy Perez

Clover Level 4
Hunter Fackler
Emmett King
Ella Olds

Clover Level 5
Maggie Anderson
Keirstin Kennedy
Ruby Mason

Submitting for Emerald Interview
Beth Huffman

2018 State Shoot Results

On September 8 and 9, more than one thousand 4-H’ers from 77 counties participated in the 2018 Kentucky State 4-H Shooting Sports Competition. A special congratulations to the 28 Oldham County 4-H members who brought home 29 trophies and two medals for high overall scores.

Archery Bowhunter

Age 15-18 Individual
1st & High Overall Score: Justin Ensor

Archery Compound Bare

Age 12-14 Team
3rd: Andrew Myers, Izzy Perez, Savannah Wieland, Tyler Zahradnicek

Archery Recurve

Age 12-14 Individual
1st & High Overall Score: Izzy Perez

Age 15-18 Individual
2nd: Spencer Wieland

Archery Target

Age 9-11 Individual
3rd: Nick Sauer

Age 15-18 Individual
3rd: Justin Ensor

.22 Pistol

Age 12-14 Individual
1st: Andrew Myers
3rd: Erik Benvie

Age 12-14 Team
1st: Erik Benvie, Andrew Myers, Bobby Nelson, Ava Spellman

Age 15-18 Individual
1st: Shane Bickett

Age 15-18 Team
1st: Shane Bickett, John Clore, Logan Roberts, Audra Spellman

.22 Rifle

Age 15-18 Individual
3rd: Dain MacDonald

Age 15-18 Team
1st: Brian Ball, John Clore, Dain MacDonald, Meridian Myers

Air Pistol

Age 15-18 Team
2nd: Brian Ball, Shane Bickett, Dain MacDonald, Kaitlyn Snyder

oc 4-H award winners

Oldham County 4-H Excels at State Level

  • As top scorers at the State Shooting Sports Competition, three Oldham County 4-H members received green jackets: Justin Ensor, Andrew Myers, and Izzy Perez.
  • Leaders of the Pack Junior Dog Bowl Team (Chloe Hardesty, Caecilia Isenhart, Freya Isenhart, and Carrie Olds) won the State Junior Dog Bowl.
  • At the State Horse Bowl, Ballardsville High Riders 4-H club members placed first in two events. Emily Altsman, Harper Ash, Peyton Ash, and Carrie Olds made up the Junior Horse Bowl team. The Junior Hippology team was Harper Ash, Peyton Ash, Sydney Cobb, and Carrie Olds.
  • Three Oldham County 4-H members achieved the State 4-H Gold Award: Hannah Anderson, Beth Huffman, and Olivia Minor.
  • Coach Paul Harjes received the State 4-H Certified Shooting Sports Achievement Award.
  • Horse Club Leader Jean Jenkins received the State Conrad Feltner Leadership Award.
  • Senior 4-H’er Hannah Anderson received the 4-H State Community Service Award.

“When I first joined [4-H], I was a shy kid who did not talk to anyone. Eleven years later, and I am comfortable speaking in front of groups of people…a place I never thought I would be…4-H took a 7-year-old girl who didn’t talk and has turned me into a strong and independent woman.”
-Senior 4-H Member

Written by Kelly Woods, Oldham County 4-H Agent, and Lauren Fernandez, Oldham County Extension Assistant.

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