Winter Oldham County Events

The following calendar originally printed in the 2018 Winter edition of the Oldham County Extension Newsletter.

winter extension events

Upcoming Extension Events

All activities are held at the Oldham County Extension office unless otherwise noted. Please call to RSVP for classes held at Extension offices.

December Extension Events

6 District Board, 9am
6 Leaders of the Pack, 7pm
7 Oldham County Beekeepers, 6:30pm
8 Oldham County Cattlemen’s Association, 9am
9 4-H Teen Club
10 Green Thumbs Garden Club
11 Cloverbuds
12 4-H Woodworkers
13-14 District 3 Middle School Retreat
14-18 Office Closed During Relocation
17 Delicious Delights
18 4-H Poultry Club
20 Busy 4-H’ers of Oldham County

December 22 through January 1, the Extension Office is closed for winter break.

January Extension Events

3 Leaders of the Pack, 7pm
7 All About Wildflowers, 10am
7-8 Kentucky Fruit/Vegetable Conference, Lexington
8 4-H Photography Club
9 4-H Woodworkers, 6pm
10 Private Pesticide Applicator Training, 6pm
11 Private Pesticide Applicator Training, 9am
11 Oldham County Beekeepers, 7:30pm
14 Green Thumbs Garden Club, 9:30am
14 Delicious Delights, 6:30pm
15 Cloverbuds, 6:30pm
17 Extension Council, 9am
17 District Board, 10am
17 4-H Council, 7pm
17-18 Kentucky Cattlemen’s Convention, Owensboro
21 Office closed
23 4-H Woodworkers, 6pm
23-24 Kentucky Nursery & Landscape Conference, Louisville
24 Cooking Under Pressure, 10am
24 Busy 4-H’ers of Oldham County, 6:30pm
25-26 University of Kentucky Equine Showcase & Breeders Short Course, Lexington
28 Come Sew With Us, 10am – 3pm
29 Extension Foundation, 9am
29 4-H Poultry Club, 6:30pm
30 Master Gardeners, Yew Dell, 10am
31 Shooting Sports Coaches Meeting, 6:30pm

February Extension Events

5 4-H Photography Club
6 4-H Woodworkers, 6pm
7 Leaders of the Pack, 7pm
8 Small Fruits, Advanced Master Gardener Class, 9am
8 Oldham County Beekeepers, 7:30pm
11 Green Thumbs Garden Club
11 Delicious Delights, 6:30pm
12 Cloverbuds, 6:30pm
15 Oldham County Homemakers Cultural Arts, John Black Center
20 4-H Woodworkers, 6pm
21 Alfalfa & Stored Forage Conference, Lexington
21 Busy 4-H’ers of Oldham County, 6:30pm
22 Plant Propagation, Advanced Master Gardener Class, 9am
21-22 Kentucky Arborists Conference, Boone County Extension
25 Come Sew With Us, 10am – 3pm
26 4-H Poultry Club, 6:30pm
27 Master Gardener Greenhouse Tour, Churchill Downs, 10am
28 Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, 10am
28 Oldham County Homemakers Executive Board, noon
28 E-Squared 4-H Club, 6pm

March Extension Events

1 Louisville Area Homemakers Cultural Arts, Bullitt County Extension
1-2 Organic Association of Kentucky Conference, Lexington
8 Weed ID, Advanced Master Gardener Class, 10am
18 Seed Saving, 10am

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