Oldham County Farmland Stats

The following Agriculture and Natural Resources article printed in the 2019 Spring edition of the Oldham County Extension Newsletter.

oldham county farmland

Oldham County Agriculture – By the Numbers

The latest Ag Census should be published in the next few months – the census provides county-level information about farm activity. As of the last Ag Census in 2012, there were 60,354 acres of farm land in Oldham County. Our county’s total land area is 125,440 acres, with farms representing almost half the land in the county (48%).

Farm acreage has held fairly steady here since 2002, when farm acres were reported at 62,561.

The chart below shows Oldham County acreage in farms since the first census in 1909. Find more ag statistics at www.nass.usda.gov.

oldham county farm acreage

Written by Traci Missun, Oldham County Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent.

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