Increase Savings by Decreasing Food Waste

The following Family & Consumer Sciences article printed in the 2019 Fall edition of the Oldham County Extension Newsletter and the October/November 2019 edition of the Healthy Choices For Healthy Families newsletter.

save money on food

Food Waste Can Cost You

Simple put, food waste is food that goes uneaten and is thrown away. This is a costly habit many families make. Reducing the amount of uneaten food you purchase cuts down the amount you buy at the store, ultimately resulting in less money spent at the grocery. Here are some tips to help you reduce food waste:

  • Be aware of how much food you throw away.
  • Don’t buy more food than can be used before it spoils.
  • Plan meals and use shopping lists. Think about what you are buying and when it will be eaten. Check the fridge and pantry to avoid buying what you already have.
  • Avoid impulse and bulk purchases, especially produce and dairy that have a limited shelf life. Promotions encouraging purchases of unusual or bulk products often result in consumers buying foods outside their typical needs or family preferences, and portions — potentially large portions — of these foods could end up in the trash.

save money on food

Source: Food and Drug Administration

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