Oldham County 4-H Shooting Sports

The following 4-H Youth Development article printed in the 2019 Winter edition of the Oldham County Extension Newsletter.

Oldham County 4-H Shooting Sports

At this year’s Kentucky 4-H State Shooting Sports Competition, 1059 youth participated from 75 counties. Over 425 volunteers supported these events, eight of which were from Oldham County, plus coaches and a coordinator that traveled to support our shooters.

Thank you volunteers and coaches, and congratulations to all of our Oldham County 4-H’ers!

.22 Pistol

Age 12-14 Individual
2nd: Erik Benvie
3rd: Andrew Myers

Age 15-18 Individual
1st & High Overall Score: Logan Roberts

Age 15-18 Team
1st: Bobby Nelson, Logan Roberts, Kaitlyn Snyder, Audra Spellman

oc 4-h shooting sports

.22 Rifle

Age 12-14 Individual
2nd: Sarah Grace Jackson

Age 12-14 Team
2nd: Sarah Grace Jackson, Andrew Myers, Ethan Rowland, Laura Worth

Age 15-18 Individual
1st: Dain MacDonald
3rd: Will Abbott

Age 15-18 Team
1st: Will Abbott, Dain MacDonald, Meridian Myers, Sophia Worth

oc 4-h shooting sports

Archery Bowhunter

Age 15-18 Individual
2nd: Justin Ensor

Archery Recurve

Age 15-18 Individual
3rd: Spencer Wieland

Archery Target

Age 12-14 Individual
3rd: Trent Fitzner

oc 4-h shooting sports

Air Pistol

Age 15-18 Team
2nd: Dain MacDonald, Meridian Myers, Logan Roberts, Kaitlyn Snyder

For the 2020 season, returning club members register on February 26. New members register on March 4. If your child is interested in joining the Oldham County 4-H Shooting Sports Club, email the coordinator at oc4hshootingsports@gmail.com to be placed on the contact list.

Written by Lauren Fernandez, Oldham County Extension Program Assistant; and Yvonne Simonson, Oldham County 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator.

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