How to Grow Your Own Salsa

If you are new to gardening, give salsa gardening a try!

To begin a salsa garden at home, you will need a few basic plants which include tomatoes, peppers, and cilantro. For tomatoes, select a variety that your family will enjoy. A ‘Roma’ type tomato will offer a thicker and meatier texture to salsa, while indeterminate type tomatoes like ‘Celebrity’ lend more water to the salsa. The basic standard pepper used in salsa is the jalapeno pepper. If you prefer a sweeter taste, choose a Bell-type pepper. If you want more heat for the salsa, experiment with peppers like habanero or chili peppers. Lastly, make sure to add cilantro to complement the tomatoes and peppers to give the true flavor of salsa. Onions and garlic are good ones to add into the salsa according to your taste buds.

Kristin Hildabrand, Warren County Horticulture Extension Agent, discusses Salsa Gardening in the video below.

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