2020 Summer 4-H Achievements

The following 4-H Youth Development articles printed in the 2020 Fall edition of the Oldham County Extension Newsletter.

Andrew Myers Selected as Shooting Sports Ambassador

Oldham County 4-H is pleased to announce that Andrew Myers has been selected to be a 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador for 2020-2021. As an Ambassador, Andrew will have the opportunity to practice and develop his leadership skills as well as help promote the 4-H Shooting Sports Program throughout the state.

Andrew is a six-year member of the Oldham County 4-H Shooting Sports Program. A certified Teen Instructor for .22 pistol and .22 rifle, Andrew participates in all of the shooting sports disciplines: archery, pistol, rifle, and trap. He is a very accomplished member of our program. At the 2019 Kentucky 4-H State Shoot, Andrew was a member of the first place .22 pistol team and placed third in the individual competition. He was also a member of the 2nd Place Team in the .22 Sport Rifle division.

We know that Andrew will be a great ambassador because of this statement in his 4-H Achievement Application: “I love to talk about the 4-H Shooting Sports program and how it develops today’s youth in a safe environment.”

State Dog Show Results

The 2020 Kentucky 4-H Virtual Dog Show, held over the summer, included participants from seven states. Congratulations to the Oldham County 4-H members who competed!

Ella Olds won first place for Most Creative Dog Costume in the Senior Division. Her collie, pictured below-left, dressed as Wonder Woman.

Carrie Olds placed first for Most Creative Dog And Youth Costume in the Senior Division.

ky 4h dog contest winners

State Horse Contest Results

Congratulations to the Oldham County 4-H members who competed in the 2020 Kentucky 4-H Virtual Hippology and Horse Judging Contests!

Junior Judging Halter
1st: Savanna Claggett
4th: Lucia Isenhart

Junior Judging Performance
10th: Savanna Claggett

Junior Judging Total
5th: Savanna Claggett
10th: Lucia Isenhart

Junior Hippology Written
6th: Lucia Isenhart
9th: Savanna Claggett

Junior Hippology Total
5th: Savanna Claggett
9th: Lucia Isenhart

Senior Judging Halter
9th: Carrie Olds
10th: Ella Olds

Senior Judging Performance
2nd: Freya Isenhart
5th: Caecilia Isenhart
6th: Carrie Olds

Senior Judging Total
4th: Freya Isenhart
7th: Carrie Olds

Senior Hippology Written
5th: Carrie Olds
8th: Caecilia Isenhart
9th: Ella Olds

Senior Hippology Total
4th: Carrie Olds
8th: Caecilia Isenhart

Written by Amy Logsdon, Oldham County 4-H Assistant, and Lauren State Fernandez, Oldham County Extension Program Assistant.

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