OC 4-H Sweeps Horse Contest

On June 2 through 4, Hardin County Extension hosted the 2021 Kentucky 4-H State Horse Contest. Our Oldham County 4-H members performed well in all areas. Congratulations to all!

youth standing in line

Horse Contest Individual Awards

Savanna Claggett
3rd Senior Art Kit/Pattern/Blueprint
6th Senior Hippology, Judging
9th Senior Hippology, Stations
2nd Senior Hippology, Overall
5th Photography, Black & White
3rd Senior Public Speaking

Grace Gerbus
1st Senior Hippology, Judging
3rd Senior Hippology, Stations
3rd Senior Hippology, Overall

Caecilia Isenhart
9th Senior Hippology, Judging
9th Photography, Black & White
9th Photography, Single Photo

Freya Isenhart
7th Senior Hippology, Judging
10th Photography, Black & White
4th Photography, Single Photo

Lars Isenhart
9th Junior Hippology, Written
3rd Photography, Black & White

Lucia Isenhart
7th Junior Hippology, Written
6th Photography, Black & White
6th Photography, Single Photo

Carrie Olds
2nd Senior Art Kit/Pattern/Blueprint
2nd Senior Hippology, Stations
1st Senior Hippology, Overall
1st Senior Horse Bowl
4th Photography, Black & White
5th Photography, Sequence of 3
7th Photography, Single Photo
1st Photography, Posed & Candid

Ella Olds
1st Senior Art Kit/Pattern/Blueprint
8th Senior Hippology, Stations
7th Photography, Black & White
2nd Photography, Posed & Candid
4th Photography, Sequence of 3
10th Photography, Single Photo

Horse Contest Team Awards

Blue Team (Grace Gerbus, Caecilia Isenhart, Freya Isenhart)
2nd Hippology, Judging
5th Hippology, Stations
5th Hippology, Written
5th Hippology, Overall

Green Team (Savanna Claggett, Carrie Olds, Ella Olds)
5th Hippology, Judging
2nd Hippology, Stations
1st Hippology, Written
1st Hippology, Overall

1st Senior Horse Bowl Team (Savanna Claggett, Caecilia Isenhart, Freya Isenhart, Carrie Olds, Ella Olds)

youth and horses in barn

Written by Lauren Fernandez, Oldham County Extension Program Assistant.