Pesticide Calculations for Small Acreages

Written by Dr. Ric Bessin, University of Kentucky

Kentucky Pest News

Most agricultural pesticide labels list use rates on a per acre basis, but this can pose an issue for many producers of specialty crops. Often only a small fraction of an acre needs to be treated and it is important to apply these pesticides at the correct dose. Over-application is illegal as it may result in excessive residues on the harvested produce and injury to plants; it would also be a waste of money. Under application can result in ineffective control, foster the development of resistance, and also be a waste of money. So, determining the correct amount for the proper dosage is required. While there are many different methods to do this, this article outlines the simple process I use to determine amounts of products needed for small acreages.

1. Select the rate per acre

While this sounds simple and straight forward, select the rate listed on the label…

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